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Top 4 2021 Women's Clothing Brands To Follow

Top 4 2021 Women's Clothing Brands To Follow

When going out with friends, dressing up for a job interview, or simply wanting to feel like a boss at home, the right clothes matter. That’s why many women seek out name-brand clothes and accessories to add to their wardrobes. Keep these top four 2021 women’s clothing brands to follow in mind when shopping around to ensure you always have the right pieces for wherever you go.

Harris Reed

Harris Reed is an up-and-coming name that’s soon to take the fashion world by storm. Focused on identity and gender fluidity, Harris Reed is a brand that anyone can rock. Harris Reed soon became a brand for fluidity, inclusivity, and personal identity that confronts gender norms. Big names like Harry Styles, Solange, and Ezra Miller have all worn Harris Reed clothes, and articles in Vogue, GQ, and Harper’s Bazaar each featured this brand in their publications. It is revolutionizing clothes for younger generations.


Matin is another name currently changing women’s fashion. Founded by Michelle Perret in 2015, this brand’s clothing centers on a casual yet elegant crossover. Matin clothes keep wearability at the center through simple, stylish designs. Matin clothes are also locally produced, which gives a greater sense of sustainable fashion for those who wear them.


Medea is a brand for those who seek out model-grade accessories for everyday attire. Twins and former models Giulia and Camilla Venturini founded the company in 2018 but have made significant growth since. Their bags range in sizes from micro to XXL in fine matte leather in various color schemes. This business model ensures there is a bag that appeals to every taste.

Paris Georgia

When Paris Mitchell Temple and Georgia Cherrie launched Paris Georgia in 2015, they could not imagine it would rise to one of the top four 2021 women’s clothing brands to follow. They have proven themselves worthy through collaboration from models and social media influencers. With sleek but feminine designs, these clothes represent strength, culture, and admiration for mothers, daughters, friends, and other strong women.

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