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Tips for Packing the Perfect Shoes for Any Vacation

Tips for Packing the Perfect Shoes for Any Vacation

Everyone’s been there: day four of your vacation rolls around, and you’re already dreading the day. Your feet haven’t stopped aching from all the walking you did on the first three days, and you have no idea what to do. Should you buy a new pair of shoes on vacation? Nope! Stick with us—we’ll get you through this. Read on to learn our tips for packing the perfect shoes for any vacation.

Three Is the Magic Number

Three may not sound like enough, but you need to save room in your suitcase for outfits (and a little extra space for all the fun finds you bring back). Your goal is to find versatile shoes that can match any outfit you throw together—make sure that two of the three pairs are extra comfortable for walking. You can rotate between these two pairs while saving the third for the occasional formal night.

Plan Your Shoes Around Your Activities

Activities and the climate are your best bet for determining what shoes you need to pack. If you’re taking a trip to a theme park, you’ll want comfortable sneakers that you know you can walk in for hours. However, if you’ve opted for a cruise, you should go with chic shoes for your fancy dinners and cute sneakers for walking around the ship.

Comfort Is Key

As hard as it is to believe, function is more important than fashion when you’re out of your element. Thankfully, many brands can give you both! Calvin Klein’s ladies’ shoes have everything you could hope for, from functional (and comfortable) sneakers to eye-catching boots.

However, no matter what you do, make sure you have a great set of footwear for the plane. You don’t want to be one of those people who takes their shoes off mid-flight, so ensure you have a comfortable pair of sneakers!

Now that you know these tips for packing the perfect shoes for any vacation, grab a few pairs and get ready to feel comfortable and chic on your next trip!

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