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Tips for Choosing a Dress To Fit Your Body Type

Tips for Choosing a Dress To Fit Your Body Type

A key component of fashion is confidence, and that’s a lot easier when you feel comfortable in your clothes. There’s no one body type, so comfortability can come in many shapes and sizes! Read on to discover some tips for choosing a dress to fit your body type so that you can prioritize clothes that suit you over the latest trends.


Larger thighs and hips characterize the “pear” body type—for that reason, any dresses that draw attention to your waist are a great idea. Your goal should be to accentuate your curves and find ways to define them. Maxi, shift, and A-line dresses can work perfectly with a pear figure.

In general, consider avoiding styles that border on the oversized or shapeless—these will only serve to hide your killer curves!


An hourglass figure has even bust and hip measurements. This balance is the perfect thing to flaunt in a dress, so bodycons, wraps, and mermaid dresses are ideal for you. Try a belted dress to draw the eye to your waist, and remember the same no-nos we gave for the pear figure—don’t hide your natural curves with an oversized dress.


The apple figure has an even shape—usually, this body type has a fuller midsection and larger bust, with slightly more slender hips. The goal with dresses for the apple figure is to suggest a balanced lower body—flowy tunics and midi dresses are great options.

Rachel Roy dresses are perfect for this body type, so be sure to check them out. Horizontal lines might work against you if you’re hoping for a balanced look, so keep that in mind when choosing your print.

Now that you know these tips for choosing a dress to fit your body type, pick up your newest date-night piece and wow your partner!

Aaron Hoover