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Jean Trending Styles: Women’s Denim Trends in 2021

Jean Trending Styles: Women’s Denim Trends in 2021

As time goes on, certain things fall in and out of style. Interestingly though, in some instances, certain clothes, music, or other trends come back into style. As younger generations appreciate the old, there are active movements to bring back what was once forgotten. A clear example of this phenomenon is denim jeans. Read this guide on jean trending styles: women’s denim trends in 2021 to see how certain jeans, like skinny jeans, fell out of fashion and were replaced with throwback looks from the nineties. As denim trends continually shift, only time can tell which styles will stay, which will leave, and which will see a resurgence in popularity. Consider adding these denim trends to your wardrobe to stay up to date on all the contemporary fashion trends taking over social media, and the world, today.

What’s Out of Style?

2021 has been a crazy time in the fashion world. With the COVID-19 pandemic having kept people inside for most of 2020, only to begin to feel comfortable making small social trips or get-togethers in 2021, style has been out of the question. Even still, there have been some fashion trends to make their exit. Thanks to the popularity of social media, like Instagram and TikTok, these denim fashion trends have completely changed the way for jeans in 2021. Most notably, people said goodbye to their skinny jeans and dark denim. It seems many young people want to revert back to the high-waisted, light, faded, boot-cut look from the nineties.

Skinny Jeans

If denim trends were a high school musical, skinny jeans would be the older sibling hiding in their room while blasting loud rock music. A phase many people—although not all—may not be too inclined to be proud of. With the My Chemical Romance and Blink-182 days in the past, young people have foregone their skinny jeans for an interesting alternative: nineties mom jeans. It seems that while not only have people shunned their skinny jeans, they opted for the complete opposite look. They chose the jeans that skinny jeans sought to replace. Whether it’s a pair of loose and frayed bootcut jeans or high-rise slim legs, it seems many people today choose comfort over contemporary styles. Still, in a way, this evolved into its own style popular amongst many women today.

Dark Denim

Another denim trend fading into the background in 2021 is dark denim. While both skinny jeans and dark denim have not left completely, they’re quickly replaced with the next new style. Like skinny jeans, the look of dark blue, grey, or black denim styles popular ten or twenty years ago are no longer the rage today. Instead, people want brighter or lighter shades of blue with washed-out or faded aesthetics. The light, washed-out denim styles of 2021 are all about relaxation, natural living, and minimalist attitudes towards fashion. Of course, in another 10 or 20 years who knows what the style will be.

What’s In Style?

With that, there are a few women’s denim trends in 2021 to know about. As skinny jeans and dark denim lose favor, loose and frayed bootcut jeans, high-rise slim-leg jeans, light denims, and graphic jeans have taken over. Each of these is popular with everyday people and social media influencers. They’re stylish, comfortable, minimalist, and reminiscent of past fashion trends from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Keep these in mind for your next shopping trip.

Loose and Frayed Bootcut

Loose jeans have slowly crept their way back into the limelight since the 1970s and 1990s. While bell-bottom jeans were big before, to see them again in 2021 is an interesting take. Yet, their laid-back look shows more of a carefree streetwear style. The look of a loose-fitting ripped jean replaced the look of frayed hems. Consider these for a laid-back, relaxed everyday outfit with a casual shirt and sneakers.

High-Rise Slim-Leg

High-rise slim-leg jeans are also making their popular debut this year. The high-rise slim leg replaces the mid and low skinny. An interesting yet popular choice today is the slim-straight denim. While not 100% skinny jean nor 100% straight jean, this hybridization offers the best of both worlds. It’s comfortable, stylish, and customizable. More so, they’re great for both casual and serious attire, depending on the mood and atmosphere. That doesn’t mean you should toss your skinny jeans away just yet. As slim-straight denim makes its place in the fashion world, skinny jeans are still a fun, eccentric alternative. High-rise slim-leg jeans are just the new face for the same type of look.

Light Denim

As previously mentioned, dark denims are on their way out. Dark blues, blacks, and greys have lost interest in many young people today. In a throwback to days past, there’s a refocused attention towards light denims commonly found in skater jeans or bell bottoms. The most popular from this look is a light blue with a faded accent. Similar to wide, flared jeans, lighter denim shows more relaxed, care-free comfort for your outfit. It pairs well with lots of options so you’re ready for anything.

Graphic Jeans

Another trend making headlines today is graphic jeans. While perhaps not as popular as the other trends listed above, graphic jeans have become increasingly mainstream given their eccentricity and color schemes. Like a graphic tee, these jeans showcase different words or phrases stitched onto the pattern. With this, there may be certain colors, fonts, or other styles that make it stand out.

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Jean Trending Styles: Women’s Denim Trends in 2021
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