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Fall 2021: Tips for Dressing Casual While Staying Chic

Fall 2021: Tips for Dressing Casual While Staying Chic

It’s tempting to forget about fashion when throwing together your outfit for a lazy day, but we’re here to help. With these tips for dressing casually while staying chic in fall 2021, you’ll have no trouble staying comfy while looking your best.

Wear Neutral Colors

It’s always much easier to combine pieces when you have a range of neutral options. Instead of worrying about which colors clash, you can simply opt for some neutral choices and know that your outfit looks good. The best wardrobes have neutral pieces from white to black with all the gradients in between, as well as olive green and navy blue for colors that don’t draw much attention.

Pair a neutral outfit with some accessories to tie the look together, and you’re ready for a comfortably chic trip to the store.

Leggings Are Pants

A few years ago, people saw leggings as an unprofessional alternative to pants, but now, leggings are among the trendiest pieces of clothing that money can buy. Frankly, we’re thankful. If you’re looking for comfort, look no further than a good pair of leggings—don’t be afraid to wear a pair to the grocery store or a friend’s house (they’re so trendy, you might even get away with them at work)!

Go for Flats

While heels may look good, they’re about the furthest thing from comfort. With strappy sandals out as the weather cools down, try out espadrilles for a close-toed option. They’re all the rage right now, and they’re a nice touch to almost any look.

For something a bit more functional (on apple-picking or pumpkin browsing days), there are a plethora of excellent boot options. You can never go wrong with a designer, so consider looking at a Michael Kors boots outlet for inspiration.

Now that you know our tips for dressing casually while staying chic in the fall, get ready to look great and feel comfortable while doing so!

Aaron Hoover