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Dressing for Your Age: What To Wear Based on Your Age

Dressing for Your Age: What To Wear Based on Your Age

In fashion, there are no one-size-fits-all or hard-and-fast rules, but there are a few principles that can help guide your look. While you can dress however you want, whenever you want, we’ve determined what to wear based on your age so you look stylish from 20 to 100.


Your 20s are your opportunity to experiment and see what fashion strikes your fancy. The “it” trends might look silly, so try out everything to see what sticks. You can get away with distressed jeans, sneakers, and graphic tees, so embrace your youth and dress how you want.

In addition to your fun and free look when you’re off the clock, you should also consider investing in a few staples for more formal affairs. Black pumps work at a wedding or a job interview, and a tailored blazer never hurts!


If you don’t know the style that’s perfect for you, now’s the time to figure it out. Go through your closet and weed out the things that don’t belong: shredded jeans, tops from high school, and anything that doesn’t fit. Next, consider adding some sophistication to your wardrobe.

If you’re married to your sneakers, class them up with a nice blouse instead of finishing the look with a tee. Calvin Klein shoes are a good call at any age, but they may work best in your 30s.

40s and 50s

Many people in this range give up on chic looks, but there’s no need to be so hasty. While some trends might look a little too out there, classically stylish looks are critical. We’re talking button-downs, blazers, and fashionable flats. Your weight may fluctuate as you go through menopause, so consider having your favorite pieces tailored to fit perfectly no matter what.

60s and Beyond

Even if you are a grandma, no rule says you need to switch to floral prints and pastels. Now that you’ve figured out exactly what your style is, wear it on your sleeve (literally)! The classics are your friend, so incorporate chic black and white looks, and accessorize with your favorite jewelry.

Now that we’ve given you some ideas for dressing your age and suggested what to wear, remember that all these decisions are still up to you. Fashion is all about expression, so don’t let us cramp your style if any of these suggestions don’t suit you!

Colby Bender