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7 Ways You Can Develop Your Personal Style

7 Ways You Can Develop Your Personal Style

You’ve probably got a friend or two who has their unique look figured out to a T. When you spend a night out on the town with them, you may find yourself wondering how they got to be so confident with their look and whether you’ll ever get there, too.

Everyone, whether it’s well-developed or not, has a personal style. This refers to the unique look that defines you and should be created by the clothes you like, the lifestyle you have, and a few creative touches along the way.

You may not know why this is so important, so we’ll break it down: your style is one of a few key components to a stranger’s first impression of you. On top of that, your look can set you on the path to advancement, as long as you’re wearing the right outfit. A personal style can quickly become rote copying of someone else’s look without a bit of thought.

Embrace your uniqueness and discover seven ways you can develop your personal style!

Find What Inspires You

Inspiration can come from a single spark, but it’s more common to find your influences from several different avenues in fashion. Think about the looks your friends wear, the outfits you see on your favorite TV shows, and even ideas on Pinterest boards! Chances are, you already have a good idea of your preferred looks, but this is the perfect opportunity to really define it.

While looking at all these inspirations, take note of patterns and trends. For example, if you gravitate toward tailored tops and fitted jackets, that may suggest that you prefer structured pieces. Look for any connective tissue between different outfits to create a jumping-off point.

If you stumble on the first step, a few questions can help, including:

  • What draws you to the image? Do you like the model? The pattern? The shape?
  • Can you picture yourself wearing this?
  • Do you already own a piece or two of the look? If so, that bodes well!

Choose Some Goals

Deciding why you’re revamping your wardrobe is as important as deciding to do it! Updating your workwear is a completely different beast than shaking up your outfits for nights out. Regardless of your goals, take a moment to define them. This will help keep you focused on the task at hand without falling into a rabbit hole.

Of course, you can revamp your entire wardrobe, but we recommend taking it one day at a time. There’s no need to do this all at once, and in fact, doing everything at once can detract from your ultimate goal by giving you too much to think about.

Consider Your Body Type

It’s an unfortunate fact that not every style will look good on every person. When settling on your personal style, figure out your body type to avoid ordering an outfit that doesn’t quite work.

Apple Body Types

This body type has a thinner lower half with a wider midsection and upper body. One great goal to have is to look for outfits that define your waist. Additionally, don’t be afraid to show off your legs, as they’re often the best feature of this shape!

Busty Body Types

This body type is similar to the apple type, but the mid-section is thinner. Balancing your lower body while emphasizing your bust is the key to a great look, so consider an A-line dress to add some flare to your legs.

Hourglass Body Types

Hourglass body types have hips and a bust of roughly equal sizes, which gives you symmetrical curves. As many people consider this body shape inherently desirable, showing off your silhouette may be the perfect way to go. Oversized dresses can drown out your curves, so consider keeping your outfits close to your figure.

Pear Body Types

Pear shapes are the inverse of the apple—instead of a wider upper body, their lower body steals the show. Not everyone looks good in a halter top, but it’s perfect for pear-shaped bodies!

Petite Body Types

Petite body types are often slimmer all around, so you should consider single-color dresses. These will elongate your silhouette and draw attention to the length of the gown. You can also opt for a high-waisted gown if you want to add some length to your legs in a formal setting.

Analyze Your Current Wardrobe

Your current wardrobe probably has some great pieces for you—after all, you did buy them for a reason! Go through your closet (and we’re talking about every item) and decide what pieces you need to keep and what you can part with. Pepper in your classic pieces with new women’s designer clothing to build brand-new looks.


Adding a touch or two that’s uniquely you to each outfit is the perfect way to set yourself apart. If you have a favorite piece of jewelry, pair of sneakers, or t-shirt, find a way to work it into a stylish look. You can also experiment with some “classically you” pieces and try new things with them—for example, tie your scarf in a new way and see if any of the other styles work better!

Learn What Colors Work on You

Some colors simply look better on a person! While one color may work well with your skin tone, another can wash you out. Take a little time to try out different colors and shades to figure out what works best for you.

Go With Your Gut

In the end, your personal style is just that—personal. If any tip you read on the internet doesn’t sit right with you, embrace that. Trends are a helpful way to get a sense of the currently popular looks, but there’s no reason you need to follow them all, especially if they don’t make sense for your fashion.

That said, don’t write off trends simply because they’re popular. If you spot something that you think may work well for you, give it a try! You know how to make yourself look good better than anyone, so listen to your instincts and you’ll find yourself dressed for success no matter what.

Now that you know these seven ways you can develop your personal style, start experimenting and get ready to see yourself as uniquely you!

7 Ways You Can Develop Your Personal Style
Aaron Hoover