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4 Factors To Consider When Buying Affordable Designer Shoes

4 Factors To Consider When Buying Affordable Designer Shoes

Designer shoes are a tricky code to crack—they range from expensive and fragile to affordable and sturdy. From comfort to style options, we’ve determined the four most important factors to consider when buying affordable designer shoes.

Cost per Wear

Even costly designer shoes may seem affordable when you look at it this way—if you pay $70 for a pair of shoes and wear them once, are they truly a better deal than the $200 shoes you wear once a week? When searching for the perfect pair, consider how often you’ll find the opportunity to slip them on. If they seem versatile enough, a higher price tag may be justifiable.

Are They Comfortable?

There seems to be a trend in some fashion circles that equates style with discomfort. We think that’s a little ridiculous—after all, why pay a premium price for an uncomfortable product? Try on shoes before you buy them, and make sure you can see yourself spending a night out in them without switching to the heels-in-hand look.

Matching Potential

You’ll get the best value out of shoes that go well with different outfits. The perfect designer shoes work at the office, a formal party, and a day out with friends. Neutral tones are ideal, so keep a lookout for black, white, grey, and tan options. You may also want to avoid shoes that are unique and currently trendy—you never know when they’ll go out of style.

What’s the Life Span?

If you’ve found shoes you can see yourself wearing at various events for years to come, make sure they’ll last through all that use. You can look up different designers to learn about their craftsmanship or read reviews to find out whether the shoes fell apart after a few wears.

Now that you know the four factors to consider when buying affordable designer shoes, check out the wide selection of options at our online designer shoes outlet!

Colby Bender