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11 Types of Women’s Clothing Styles: Which One Are You?

11 Types of Women’s Clothing Styles: Which One Are You?

Everyone has their own personality, tastes, and interests. What they might not know is that for each person’s identity, there’s a clothing style to match. Whether they’re a punk rocker or a preppy college student, there are clothing styles to match any taste, mood, or personality. Here are 11 types of women’s clothing styles—find the right one for you. While each of these clothing styles has its own appropriate items, colors, and patterns, feel free to accessorize with different pieces that make you feel confident and at your best.


Vintage style refers to rocking a look from the past. Also referred to as a retro style, vintage clothing is basically anything popular in preceding decades. Vintage clothing has seen revitalized popularity amongst many women today. Whether it’s 1990s-era jeans or 1970s floral patterns, many people want to bring a blast from the past with their everyday attire.


Sportswear, or activewear, has also seen a new trend as an everyday outfit. While people typically wear activewear for sports and exercise, many find it to be comforting, stylish, and safe. Leggings and t-shirts may be simple, yet they’re popular choices for casual wear. Given this simplicity, activewear has become a fashion statement today.


Bohemian fashion is another popular choice. Tracing its contemporary history to the 1960s and 1970s New Age subculture, this fashion style incorporates many free-flowing fabrics and exotic patterns and textures. Another term for this is boho chic. Bohemian style allows for layering with different accessories, like scarves, vests, jackets, jewelry, sunglasses, and hats. Boho chic offers more mobility and passive colors without overwhelming the overall style.


Connected to the music genre of the 1990s, grunge style replicates a sense of independence, self-awareness, and toughness. One of the main staples of grunge aesthetic is flannel due to its origins in the Pacific Northwest. Grunge is meant to appear out of style, which is why many pieces won’t match or pair well. This sense of self-awareness into one’s look shows others that you don’t care if pieces don’t match well. That’s what makes grunge so appealing to many people. It offers a greater sense of individuality through a cheap, careless style.


On the opposite end of the spectrum is the preppy look. This look is entirely based around purposefully selecting each clothing item and accessory for the outfit. Based on prep school fashion, prep style is big on college campuses where students focus their time and attention on what they want to show off. Preppy clothes are meant to mix and match well, so solid colors and patterns work well. While grunge conveys a sense of carelessness and self-preservation, preppy styles are meant to go well together so you and your friends can all dress similarly without it impeding the overall style.


Creative types will thrive in an artsy fashion style. While similar to grunge and Bohemian in that artsy styles mix and match different colors and patterns, there is more thought and dedication put in than that. Unique designs and color schemes make up the base of the outfit, with artful accessories thrown in. Don’t be afraid to incorporate homemade jewelry into your outfit. Individual tastes and designs give these outfits their artsy nature.


Street fashion may not sound like a type of women’s clothing style for you, but it’s immensely popular with youth culture today, especially in urban environments. Street fashion derives from street culture in which high-top sneakers, jeans, and t-shirts are the norm. That’s not to say this is the only way to dress “street.” In fact, street style is an umbrella term that covers all different types of trends and outfits.


A casual look means dressing for comfort. Casual wear does not cause the irritation or itchiness that some other styles might. Casual clothes are the go-to for a lazy day, and they have become a staple for many people working from home or those who want a relaxing outfit for a stress-free day. There’s nothing wrong with casual wear, although it might not be the best choice for a night out or a business meeting. In some cases, casual wear also embeds itself in other comfortable styles, like activewear or streetwear, where the focus is not on the clothes themselves but the person wearing them.


Classic style is a nice mix of comfort and respectability. Ultimately, a classic look ensures you’re ready for any type of occasion, from a fancy dinner to a night out with the girls to a weekly business meeting. There are many possibilities with a classic look, all dependent on your personal stylistic choices. Range your classic outfits from formal to elegant to casual. Don’t forget to pair outfits with different shoes or accessories to complete your sophisticated look.


Professional or office wear is another fashion style best suited for hard-working women who want to appear in charge. There is no room for messiness or mismatched attire. A professional style focuses on solid color choices, seamless layers, and appropriate accessories. While typically reserved for an office environment, anyone can rock a professional look if they want to appear smart, sophisticated, and ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way.


You don’t need to live on a ranch or farm to rock a western look. Western or cowgirl styles are perfect for cool weather when you want to rock a full-body look without wearing bulky items. Denim, button-up shirts, and western boots make up this style. It’s fun, fashionable, and—best of all—customizable. Wear a wide-brimmed hat or leather vest to further accentuate the western look.

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11 Types of Women’s Clothing Styles: Which One Are You?
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